[FMX] Buttons and Custom classes

[font=&quot]Hey everyone!

I’m a new member to the forums with an annoying Flash problem. I was wondering if you people could help me out?

Basically I’m trying to get a button to change color via a Custom class written in ActionScript. I have built and attached an example to show you all what I’m trying to achieve. The code works perfectly with a MovieClip, but when I try to apply it to a Button, it falls flat (can’t even find the reference to the button it seems).

On my stage are two objects:

  1. A Movie Clip
  2. A Button

These are both set to “Export for ActionScript”, and have an attached class called ‘ColorClass’. ColorClass is basically what does all the work (makes a Color object, and has set and get methods). I also have an action layer where all my other code is contained.

I’m fairly new to ActionScript, but come from a Java background, so know a bit about code :stuck_out_tongue: Hopefully this is a simple problem where I just overlooked something obvious!

Thanks in advance,