[FMX] Changing size of dynamically loaded image in Scrollpane


I’ve been trying to figure this out for a few days now…

I use MX 2004 and need to populate one of Flash’s scrollpane components with many dynamic images. They are all smaller than the scrollpane stage but are different sizes from one another. I therefore want to change their width and height within Flash to make them about the same size each.

I have loaded them into empty movie clips which I intend to resize but I am aware that I cannot do this until they have fully loaded.

My question is… how do I check when they are fully loaded and amend their height/width/scale from within the scrollpane component?

I normally do this checking getBytesLoaded against getBytesLoaded but this is normally spread over a few frames in order to achieve the necessary looping to keep on checking.

It would appear however that the scrollpane component requires everything done in its first frame. Whenever I place anything in subsequent frames I lose my ability to scroll.

So anyone know of a way to achieve checking the image/movie has loaded and change its size all within one frame?

Thanks in advance for anyones help!