[FMX] Coding an attached mc

Hi everybody!
For those who have helped me with the cd-rom and everyone else…
I have changed a little bit the structure of the .fla.
Its still the same navigation but now the mcs are loaded in separated levels. I did that cause I needed the content (B) to be under every graphic.
Specially under the sub-menus that advances over area “B”.

So here is the properties of the mc`s:

(area A) MAIN NAVIGATION (bottom)
level: 2
x: 0
y: 420

(area B) CONTENT (middle)
level: 1
x: 0
y: 20

level: 3
x: 0
y: 0

Here is the code (on frame 1 of main timeline) that attach the navigation mc`s in the respective level:

attachMovie(“A_mc”, “A_mc”, 2);
setProperty(A_mc, _x, 0);
setProperty(A_mc, _y, 420);

attachMovie(“C_mc”, “C_mc”, 3);
setProperty(_root.C_mc, _x, 0);
setProperty(_root.C_mc, _y, 0);

Here is the code (on buttons of main navigation) that attaches the empty mc on level 1 (area B), sets it`s position and loads the external swf into the attached mc:

on(release) {
_root.attachMovie(“loadswf”, “content”, 1);
setProperty(_root.content, _x, 0);
setProperty(_root.content, _y, 20);
_root.content.loadMovie(“external.swf”, 1);


Before this changes I had the following moviment code attached to the navigation menus:

onClipEvent (load) {
this.posY = 400;

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
cY = this._y;
difY = cy-this.posY;
setProperty(this, _y, cY-(difY/3));

With the previous code I could set the navigation menus` position according to the _ymouse position.

onClipEvent(enterFrame) {
if(_root._ymouse < 400) {
_level2.A_mc.posY = 420;
if(_root._ymouse >= 400) {
_level2.A_mc.posY = 400;

Now that navigation menus (A) and © are attached in diferent levels, how can I insert the moviment code into the movieclips???

Hope I sounded clear!
Download the cd-rom.zip to understand it better