FMX Collision checking

I tried posting this on the Flash MX board yesterday, and a few people looked but no-one seemed to be able to help so far.

I am attempting a reasonable simple platform game in flash (think jet set willy or something suitably old.) The problem I am having is with the collision checks, I have tried with Hittest() and a mathematical solution which checks the location of character and object. Both ended up with a similar problem, if you hit a block either horizontally or vertically the collision was checked properly and the character would stop. BUT if you came in at an angle sometimes you’d end up stuck halfway through the object. It obviously is something to do with the difference in checking between horizontal and vertical collisions but I can’t seem to find a solution.
Any help would be gratefully received, and if anyone would like to se the fla I would be glad to post it up.

Hey bud,

id be gald 2 have a look for ya as im currently doin ma own sort of lil game. maybe u could help me 2.

post ya files n ill ave a skeg 4 u n let u no.

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I am attaching the fla file.
This file has been adapted from a platform scroller. This used the array function to locate the boxes, and I added in a short function to ‘see’ the boxes that I had placed on the screen, and add them to this array (rather than have them in the code).
I am of the opinion now that it would be better to have kept the original method utilised in the scroller which used the data to place the objects in the movie using the attachmovie method.
I think there are a number of obvious ways of making this better (using onClipEvent for example) but at this early stage all I am reall interested in is whether or not I can sort the collisions out.