[FMX] Controlling Movie

I know that there are a couple of threads about this, but those are pertaining to sound. What I am looking for is to have one movie call a image to load in the other. For exaple, i have the main movie (MainMovie.swf) and the two sub movies (PicsTOP.swf) and (PicsBOTTOM.swf). PicsTOP loads into a empty MC called “Main” and PicsBOTTOM loads into a empty MC called “SubNav”. Is it possible to, after both movies are loaded, have a user click on a button in PicsBOTTOM and load that picture in PicsTOP? Thanks in advance…

Also, I have a movie that I load into another MC, named (Audio.swf) and this loads into the MC named “SubNav”. In the audio.swf, i have the buttons disabled when u click one, so on the first frame for each button (which is placed inside there own moviecips) i have:

_root.track1.but1.enabled = true;
_root.track2.but2.enabled = true;
_root.track3.but3.enabled = true;
_root.track4.but4.enabled = true;

and when they click a button, depending on which button, it disables all the other buttons

so if i click on button 4, on frame 2 the code is

_root.track1.but1.enabled = false;
_root.track2.but2.enabled = false;
_root.track3.but3.enabled = false;

this works fine standalone, or testing within flash, but for some reason, when the movie is loaded into the main movie, the buttons do not disable. Any suggestions?

about controlling PicsTOP from PicsBOTTOM simply do something like:


and about the other question, this is because you’re using _root, and when you load the movie into another the _root points to the absolute _root of the movie, meaning the _root of the loader movie… you’d need to use more relative references such as this and _parent to point to track1 track2 track3 etc…

ahhhhhhhh… thank u…

nope… the _parent.PicsTOP thing isnt working… dont know why… but the other stuff is…