[FMX]Controlling x positions from one movieclip with 4 buttons


I have a text movieclip (service_mc) on the stage for which I need to control 4 different _xpositions (_x = 0, _x = -700, _x = -1400, x = -2100) with 4 button mc’s (btn_one, btn_two, btn_three, btn_four).

For these four buttons I already declared the Over, Out, Release and Restore stage in a function:

for (var i in this) {
if (this*._name.substr(0, 4) == "btn_") {
function setKnop(clip) {
var clip = eval(clip);
clip.onRollOver = function() {
	new Color(this).setRGB(0xA10000);

etc., etc.

For the easing movement of service_mc I declared the following function:

function movoClip (x){
this.onEnterFrame= function(){
this._x += (x - this._x)/5;

What I like to accomplish is to control the _x positions of “service_mc” with the same buttons. I mean when btn_one is pressed service_mc should go to _x = 0, when btn_two is pressed the _x position from service_mc should change to _x = -700 etc, etc

How to integrate this possibility in the existing function?