[FMX] Date object frustration - need help bad!

I am trying to find a way to use the date object to check the day of the month. If is the 23rd then play if not, do nothing.

I looked at the date countdown tutorial, but I don’t need to display the information just check the date. even if I hid the countdown info, once I hit the 23rd I am out of luck till the first of the next month, the “alarm” stays.

Think of what I need as a date alarm, if it is the 23rd the alrm goes off, if it is not, then it is business as usual (this is tied into an analog clock that is supposed to have a monthly reminder for the 23rd)

I appreciate any help I can get on this. Getting the clock to work was cake, but I just can’t get this “alarm” to work for me.

today = new Date()
if(today.getDate() == 23){
//start your alarm or whatever

easy as pie… mmm… pie…


it was the == that killed me!!

Thanks Prophet! You are a lifesaver!

I wish I could send you some pie!

lol i try my best :wink:
and yes, pie is always welcome… unless it has nuts - i dont like nuts :stuck_out_tongue:

glad i could help,