[FMX]Forcing return in dynamic text var


I’m making a preloader right now and i want to list kb load, kb total, percent complete and all that jazz in 1 multiline text box like this:

Total KB: 100
KB Loaded: 56
Percent Complete: 56

when write all this data into the var for the text box how to I force it to go to the next line?


Something like this:

textvar = "Total KB: 100
KB Loaded: 56
Percent Complete: 56";

well here my script

text_load = "Total Kb " + int(kBytesLoaded) 
 "Loaded Kb" + int(kBytesLoaded) 
 "Percent Complete" int(percentLoaded);

and i get this error when i try to run it

Error Scene=preloader, layer=action, frame=94:Line 9: Syntax error.
text_load = "Total Kb " + int(kBytesLoaded)
“Loaded Kb” + int(kBytesLoaded)
“Percent Complete” int(percentLoaded);

with newline or put the
in the quotes:

text_load = "Total Kb " + int(kBytesLoaded) + newline + "Loaded Kb" + int(kBytesLoaded) + newline + "Percent Complete" + int(percentLoaded);
text_load = "Total Kb " + int(kBytesLoaded) + "
Loaded Kb" + int(kBytesLoaded) + "
Percent Complete" + int(percentLoaded);
//I'm not usre if this one will work^
//but the top definatley will
//remember to always conenct string chuncks with a + or add