[FMX] Help with scroller script

This scroller doesn’t scroll all the way, it has something to do with the script. The scroller shows about half of the images. I’m a newbie action script coder, I’m just not getting why the script is messed up. I got the script from some flash scroller sample [actionscript-toolbox.com]. If anyone could take a look at the RESIDENTIAL link [members.rogers.com/flyons] and tell me what i’m doing wrong it would be appreciated.
PS. I can email the fla file (it’s too large to attach).
[font=verdana, arial, helvetica][size=2]

Thanks AFXTWN, the new code works beautifully!

Glad to help :pleased:

I recommend having a look at each of the tutorials on the kirupa site, they are all awesome, and if theres anything you wanna do, chances are you can learn it from one of the tut’s!