{FMX} Need help w/ list box items as a link or to create other list boxes [renamed]

Hopefully that got someone’s attention, I need some help with list boxes, I can get the listbox options to display in a text box, but I can’t make those working links

list.addItem("Polearms", "Lochaber Axe<br>Pike <br>Pollaxe <br>Naginata <br>Fauchard <br>Flax <br>Brandistock <br>Halberd <br>Ranseur");
list.addItem("Swords", "Japanese swords<br>Early Rapier<br>Middle Rapier<br>Estoc<br>Late Rapier<br>Bastard Sword<br>Long Sword. <br>Great Sword <br>Zanbato<br>Claymore<br>True Two-Handed Swords<br>Rondel<br>Shamshir<br>Kilij<br>Moro Kris<br>Indonesian Kris<br>Sai<br>Yatagan");
list.addItem("Staves", "Staves<br>Quaterstaves<br>Bowstaves<br>Rokushakubo<br>Jo<br>Han Bo<br>Tambo, or Tanbo");
list.addItem("Missile Weapons", "Short Bows<br>Long Bows<br>Crossbows and Arbalest");
list.addItem("Siege Engines", "Onager<br>Mangonel<br>Trebuchet<br>Catapult Projectiles<br>Ballista<br>Scorpio<br>Bosson<br>Belfrie");
list.addItem("Gunpowdwer", "Gunpowder");
function displayDetails(c) {
 textbox.htmlText = c.getSelectedItem().data;

In other words I need the data of each choice to either become a new list box, or become working links.

Seriously any help?