[FMX]Need help with preloader in photo gallery

Hi, im pretty desperate on finding a good tutorial on how to create a multiple thumbnail preloader for a photo gallery im making.

This here is a link to the photo gallery test file (dont look the layout :wink: ):

What id like to do is this:

  • When you click on a photo hanged on the wire on top, a category is chosen and a xml file is loaded into the swf. In the xml i have all information about the pictures linked to this category. This is working perfectly.

  • Then, as soon as the xml is loaded, i want each pictures preloaded before displaying in the film below (probably more than 10 pictures)… I need them to display only when ALL pictures are loaded. Also, id like the counter to show the progress while loading files.

Im trying to use the preloader tutorial on kirupa, i understand very well how it works, but i cant apply it to multiple images, and i cant find anywhere how to do it (probably i didnt look hard enough, i dont know…)

I dont have the code here, but tonight if needed i could post some to show you how i did it. But id need pointers on how to preload a thumbnail list like on any good photo gallery

Thanks for any help you could give!