Fmx - newbie question about proto

Hi I found this the equation in the attach file, I have questions about it, I understand what is x,y,d,and calBackFunc, but what about callBackObj and param.

Please can someone help me


MovieClip.prototype.easeInOutBackTo = function(x, y, d, callBackObj, callBackFunc, param) {
	if (this.easeControl) {
		var control_mc = this.easeInOutBackControl;
	} else {
		var control_mc = this.createEmptyMovieClip("easeInOutBackControl", 1000000);
	control_mc.t = 0;
	control_mc.x0 = this._x;
	control_mc.dx = x-control_mc.x0;
	control_mc.y0 = this._y;
	control_mc.dy = y-control_mc.y0;
	control_mc.d = d;
	control_mc.callBackObj = callBackObj;
	control_mc.callBackFunc = callBackFunc;
	control_mc.param = param;
	control_mc.onEnterFrame = function() {
		if (this.t<=this.d) {
			this._parent._x = Math.floor(Math.easeInOutBack(this.t, this.x0, this.dx, this.d, this.s));
			this._parent._y = Math.floor(Math.easeInOutBack(this.t, this.y0, this.dy, this.d, this.s));
		} else {

are you talking about this?

I know This, I have seen a site where it all got exsplaned, but i can’t remember how I did it.

yes i´m talking about this, can you explain this to me please, the callBackObject and param
this is the site I saw it first.

Hmmm but it seems that the stuff i had programmed looks nothin like this. I’ll have to look into it.

You sould check arounds here: