[FMX] Paragraph quiz

I had an idea for a quiz in flash…

There would be a input text field that contains a paragraph with multiple spelling errors.
The user would correct the errors and then check their answer. The quiz would assess the user and let them know what parts of the paragraph they got correct or incorrect.

For example:

An input text field would have the following:

“The kat went to skool on a raine day. Know body likes a dumbb wet catt.”
Then the user would correct the text, then click the check answer button.

Notice the user almost got it all correct but they spelled school wrong*.

The user would get feed back like so: (red text means incorrect, green means correct.)

“The [COLOR=Lime]cat[/COLOR] went to [COLOR=Red]skool[/COLOR] on a [COLOR=Lime]rainy[/COLOR] day. [COLOR=Lime]Nobody[/COLOR] likes a [COLOR=Lime]dumb[/COLOR] wet [COLOR=Lime]cat[/COLOR].”

Ideas? I dont even know if this is an option in Flash MX. If you can do it let know how much $$$ you would like for a working example. If you have any questions just let me know.

Thanks for your time :slight_smile: