FMX PLEASE HELP! I am trying to access a dynamic text box that is inside of a movie

am trying to access a dynamic text field that is in a movie which is contained in an array.

My code looks something like this

movies = new Array();

// add1, add2, etc are the instance names of the movies

movies[0] = add1;
movies[1] = add2;
movies[2] = add3;
movies[3] = add4;
movies[4] = add5;

/*inside of the movie addtest (add1 - add5 are all instances of this same movie) I have a dynamic textfield called number1. How do I access this field in order to change it?

I have created an array that I would like to put the text from the fields in.*/

num1 = new Array();
for (i=0; i < 5; i++)
num1* = _root.movies*.number1;

is this right? If not how would I go about doing this??

Any help would be appreciated.

yeah, thats totally right…