[FMX] publish settings

ok, in the publish settings > html tab
can someone explain the choices in the following pull downs

::Window Mode
----------opaque windowless
----------transparent windowless

----------default(show all)
----------no border
----------exact fit
----------no scale

how EXACTLY do the choices made in these pulldowns affect your output


p.s. - sorry if what i did above is confusing lol, im sure u all know what i mean

You should check the help files in Flash for more info but…


Window = regular background
Transparent Windowless = transparent bg (only in IE)
Opaque Windowless = I really have no friggin clue.


Default show all… acts like when you right click and go to View and select Show all.

No Border… fits to the screen 100%x100% I believe.

Exact Fit = Scales to fit your window the best it can.

No Scale = keeps its original shape and size.

I am not 100% on these as I have never experimented with it, so don’t hold me to anything…lol.