[FMX]question.random swf loading =D

regarding this tutorial:
i used it to load a random picture in a photographers site.

THE MAIN PROBLEM is that i put a preloader in the swfs randomly loaded and
it will jump back and forth between first frame of the main swf and the
preloader(shown fully loaded) when i test it.
the preloader used is that one shown in kirupa.G
this one: http://www.kirupa.com/developer/mx/percentagepreloader.htm
so i had to put it on without a preloader!

AND in 2nd, when i replace the loadMovie for loadMovieNum
in the cases of the actionscript in the frame with the purpose of loading it
in a certain level it wont load anything. i solved it putting the randomizer swf
in a swf on its own and loading it in that level.
-Bloemoissa Ismobil, from Brazil, newbie flasher