[FMX] setMask over dynamically loaded images


I wonder if it’s possible to apply mask over images loaded with loadMovie(), be it physical or through setMask. Appreciate any input.

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Through setMask only. There’s a tute about dynamic masks on this site, but I don’t know whether Inigo covered this point or not.

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I’m trying to mask a hundred of these thumbnail MCs that were duplicated. Have been without success so far. I noted that the flash help mentioned, “However, you can’t use the same mask for multiple maskees (which is possible by using mask layers).” meaning my hundred lil guys can’t be under one umbrella with setMask.

Here, I’ll need to backtrack my procedure a lil, like duplicateMovieClip() my new MCs into a containerClip so maybe I can umbrella the containerClip with setMask. My problem now is… can I duplicate/attachmovie into a containerClip?

mcContainerClip.duplicateMovieClip(ClipToDup, newName, clipDepth); - :q:
duplicateMovieClip(ClipToDup, mcContainerClip.newName, clipDepth) - :q:

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Good question. And I don’t know the answer. :-\ I’ll look around…

OK, I asked my Chinese master, and that’s what he told me:

You can’t duplicate a clip inside another one.

BUT, because there is a but, you can ATTACH the clip in that movie, and then duplicate the attached movie. Tricky but it seems to work.

pom :cowboy:

that’s right ilyaslamasse, basically, duplication will be stuck to a single timeline. But ataching then duplicating is in no way tricky :slight_smile:
In fact duplicating attached movieClip is quite useful when you have to attach clips with non default properties --> _rotation, _x, _y etc… will be duplicated with the clip.
Watch out though, run time variables are NOT duplicated, only “physic” mc properties and author time onClipEvents (the one that are attached directly to a movieclip).

OK, sneaky, not tricky…

And by the way, Chinese master=Gorlim… :beam: