[FMX] whats up with the loadVarsObject.send() function?!?


ok i will resk it…am going to ask a Q :stuck_out_tongue:

I am working out a bug in my footer :sigh:
And now i got a new prob…
doesn’t work for me :frowning:
it does work if i use
but then whats the point to the send function()??
here’s the code

this.phpPath = "http://www.master64.nl/*****/*****.php";
this.sendScore = new LoadVars();
this.sendScore.name1 = "m64";
this.sendScore.score1 = 12;
this.sendScore.name2 = "m65";
this.sendScore.score2 = 23;
this.sendScore.name3 = "m66";
this.sendScore.score3 = 34;

i have the php send me an Email where the it runs, but don’t get a email with maens that the php is not running:a:

I get the feeling i am useing loadVarsObject.send(url) all wrong but the flash help is no help