[FMX] Whow to load a movie in a specific frame?

hey guys!i’m trying to do a simple thing:
a site where the background fades in and out between areas…
…and i’m trying it for a week…and still have no idea on whow to do it. i’ve seen many and many tutorials but there’s no information regarding to loading movies
in a specific frame!(like “call”-calling a specific action script frame?)

here’s what i have:
a main movie (1frame) with 5 layers: actions, menu, bgone, bgtwo and border. and my problem is making the interaction between those areas, since i can’t make the menu load the movies in the specific frames,to the specific layers…
perhaps i’m just trying to find the wrong answers, or is is impossible?
do you know whow?got any idea?please help me!i’m really realy desperate!