[FMX] xml.load from URL

Hi There,
First of all, i think that the kirupa.com is a great place to learn. i haven’t seen any other site with nice structured tutorial content like kirupa.com

My question:

I’m building a flashmenu from xml. it all works fine. but i have a question about the menu_xml.load(“menu.xml”); line at the end of my script.
This way all works fine. menu is perfectly generated.

But i want more. I have a php url that generates the xml. it’s from a content management-system. so i thought, wouldn’t it be beautiful if the menu loads from the pagstructure in the cms.

The xml strucutre is generated with the url: “index.php?&type=3”
i tried to use this url in to my actionscript like:


but it didn’t work.

Does somebody have suggestions how to solve this. Or is the url in the xml.load() function always *.xml

Thanx in advance (sorry for my english)

Greetz FLOW


Just use the whole URL

Greetz FLOW