[FMX04] Loading external swf's with fade transition

I wanted to use this code to construct one SWF that loads up a set of external SWF’s that then just play one after each other fading in and out … The only problem is that this code is asking the user to click on a button to go to the next movie, I dont want ANY user interaction, I just want the movies to play - fade out - new one fades in - over and over!

Can anyone help me with altering this code to make this happen?


Here is the original tutorial I followed:

array of possible content to pick from. This article answered a question about swapping loaded SWF files with a transition, but this technique will also work with jpgs, without having to make swf files from them.
swfArray = new Array("red_bird.swf", "chinatown_dragon.swf", "working_beast.swf");
//create two MovieClips that will hold the loaded files
//load first movie into clip 1 to start with the first image
//set clip2 alpha to zero so it can fade in
target2._alpha = 0;
//variables that store current clip and current content index
activeTarget = target1;
currentIndex = 0
movie-level enterFrame event handler that will fade down object 1 (if it's alpha is higher than zero), and fade up object 2 (if it's alpha is less than 100)
this.onEnterFrame = function() {
if (obj1._alpha > 0) {
obj1._alpha -= 10;
if (obj2._alpha < 100) {
obj2._alpha += 10;
//enable trace to watch memory used by each loaded movie. this will illustrate the
// benefits of unloading the faded movie.
//trace("clip1: " + clip1.getBytesTotal() + " clip2: " + clip2.getBytesTotal())
//button script that swaps load target focus and loads the next movie
nextButton.onRelease = function() {
//toggles values of object 1 and 2 between clip 1 and clip 2
if (activeTarget == target1) {
obj1 = target1;
obj2 = activeTarget = target2;
} else {
obj1 = target2;
obj2 = activeTarget = target1;
//assigns content of object 2 as next item in the content array, unless the
// end of the array has been reached. in this case start over at first item
if (currentIndex < swfArray.length-1) {
} else {
currentIndex = 0
//load content into second clip
//to reduce possible RAM and performance overhead, add an onEnterFrame
// event handler to object 1 to unload it once it has faded out.
//once the movie has unloaded, delete the onEnterFrame event handler
// to prevent future loads from unloading.
obj1.onEnterFrame = function () {
if (this._alpha <=0 ) {
delete this.onEnterFrame;