FMX04 - Loading new movies at set intervals

Hi. Firstly, I am relatively new to Flash and ActionScript in particluar.

I have three Flash movies (all the same pixel size) that I want to use on the home page of my website which is built in MX 2004.

How often the movie changes is not critical, but I think once an hour will be fine. What’s the best way to get Flash to automatically change the movie every hour and where should I attach any code - to an Actions layer in movie no. 1?

As a summary, here’s what I want to achieve;

12.00pm - movie no. 1 plays
1.00pm - movie no. 2 plays
2.00pm - movie no. 3 plays
3.00pm - movie no. 1 plays again
…and so on for 24 hours until you get back to 12.00pm when movie no. 1 plays again.

Many thanks in advance for any help.

Please? :slight_smile: