[FMX04]Making a Comet...Oooooooh

Alright, so I wanna make a comet/shooting star with particles that fly off the rear of it and disappear, as they should. There’s only one problem. I got no flippin’ idea on how to do it! :slight_smile: I’m not even going to pretend. About a month ago Seticus wrote a script for a mouse function that kind of does what I’m talking about, except it’s attached to the mouse. You can see the thread at http://www.kirupaforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=50767&page=1 <—that link. :sen: All the comet would be is a friggin’ lil ball (an mc) and the code would attach to it. Maybe I’m making this harder than it really is. I want it to go fairly fast, but be recognizable at the same time. I bet I’m rambling now. I’m gonna try a few things, but I’d appreciate any help! (That’s why I posted in the forum. To get help!) I bet I amuse myself alot more than I amuse anyone else!