[fmx04] Problem creating links on dynamic data from database

I am loading data into a dynamic textbox from my database using the loadVariables() function.

I am trying to create buttons that have a link like a mailto using the data from the database.

For example:
on (press){
getURL(“mailto:”+variable from database);

The variable is already loaded into the dynamic textbox, I just have to figure out how to pass it to the as code above.

Can anyone help me figure this out.

Well, for that solution, you can just do
getURL(“mailto:” + mydynamictextbox.text);

Make sure you put the full location of ‘mydynamictextbox,’ so if your textbox is in the _root timeline and is named ‘thebox,’ your code would be

getURL(“mailto:” + _root.thebox.text);

but i would look into LoadVars() object; it tends to be a better solution that loadVariables().