fmx04: vertical scrolling menu help :)

The menu in action. Click anywhere to start the vertical scrolling.

The full file.

Okay, what I want to do is have the menu scroll up and down when you mouse over the lights. however, I don’t want it to work ONLY on the lights, but instead, whenever you’re “in” the nav.

So, when you move your mouse down to the nav and touch it, and begin to move down the list, the nav will scroll the contents UP. And I want it to either

A) Stopwhen it gets to the last item on the NAV
B) Just repeat the options infinitely

I dunno which one would be more intuitive. I have to test it.

The problem with what I’m doing is the options scroll whether your mouse is in the NAV or not. Anywhere on the page makes it move. I jsut want it to work when you mouse over the NAV itself.

Help :slight_smile: Please :smiley: I love you :x