[FMX2004] loading images via html text fields

I’ve really hit the wall here… any help would be most appreciated.

I’m builiding a site for a client with the intent of making it as “tweakable” as possible for the client. Basically I have set up a bunch of html text fields which feed from external text files, so the client can write html content.

now the problem, my canvas resizes depending on the amount of html content input into the text fields. Everthing was working fine until I started adding image tags into the html code. When I create my text field and load the html text, the size i am returned is the size of the text field sans the image. If i pause for a second or two and retreive the size again it is adjusted for the image size.

so the obvious solution is track the loading of the images with an onEnterFrame bytesTotal/loaded function but…

is this possible? if i were loading JUST a jpg then i can see how i would use loadMovie to do this but i’m not. does anyone have any experience w/ this?