[FMX2004] trouble controling animation using actionscript

well … i´m having trouble animating movieclips with AS…
if someone could help me out i´d apreciate it :slight_smile:
i´ve been searching for some tutorial or anything at all that could help … but till here no success:(

here´s a link for the file

hope you can help me

What exactly are you trying to do?

sorry thought it had attached the file … updated message

Without being able to give you a reason, maybe someone here more experienced can jump in, the instance name mc_long seemed to be the problem. I changed it to mclong, and it worked fine. Weird, but it’s a fix!


well it doesn´t work for me :frowning:

Here ya go, all I did was change your instance names, you’ll see. It’s a tiny little line though, just the scales you set up.

and here is the file:


on second thought, you can’t see it in that html page at all…let me blow it up.

thanks i´ll have to learn some other stuff :slight_smile:
i like actionscript but actionscript doesn´t like me