Folding edge of paper

I am “trying” to make a flash movie that looks like a paper folded on the edge. The paper doesn’t have to fold down flat but kind of half way, like someone is turning the page of a book. Yeah, something like that.

Anyone have an idea how to do this.

Thanks a mil…

Hi can you not make the paper with the fold in photoshop and then import into flash, I have a photoshop 6 filter which creates this effect for you if you need it:bandit:

Hi capwellcc,
here is the paper fold pluggin as promised.

Firstly you will need to unzip it to your photoshop pluggin folder
(Cdrive-Adobe-Photoshop 6-Pluggins) make sure photoshop isn’t open at this stage.

Next open up photoshop and the canvas that you want to put the paper fold onto.

Finally go to the top tool bar and click on filters, you should now see a filter (usually at the bottom) called “mac’s”, click on this and hey presto. play around with the settings until you find the right sized fold.

I hope this has helped but if you have any problems let me know:bandit: