Follow Mouse Only on a Set Path?

Hi again! You guys have been a great help and i mastered that masking technique i was looking at in that menu from a different post i made – thanks!!

Now another question, I was thinking about using a follow mouse technique on a series of buttons that are lined in a row, and so I would like the image that i want to follow the mouse only able to go back and forth in the row, but moving only when the mouse moves – I hopefully am explaining myself well, does anyone know if its possible to do and if there’s a tutorial somewhere? Thanks again!!

Hi there!!!,

Yes it is possible to constrain the mask to a set position…you have to do it this way…

follow the tutorial that you learnt earlier and in the startDrag() option there are a couple of boxes with letters L,R,T,B which stand for Left, Right, Top, and Bottom. Enter the co ordinates to the area you want to restrict the mask too. That is it. Happy Flashing!!! and MERRY CHRISTMAS<:}

Oooh, I see! Thanks very much, that one was an easy one once i saw where the heck to do it at (i should look at the tutorials a little closer before asking questions sometimes, sorry!!)! :slight_smile: Thanks again and Merry Christmas to you too!