Font issue

hey everyone,
had a problem when i was working on my flash site cant figure out what it is, the thing is i did the xml gallery tutorial on kirupa and slightly modified it so there was a title text box (introduction) and a descriptive text box (This website…). That all works fine the problem is i use to be able to just change the charecter font by selecting the text box and when it got render it would show up as that font i chose. But for some reason now when i render it on my computer from the program it shows up how I wanted it to look but when its uploaded onto my servers it doesn’t.

heres a picture of what i mean, left side, the correct wasy, is what came up when previewed in flash and right side is how off the internet it came up

Ive tried switching to a different font as well as redoing the box completly but ended with the same results, any ideas?