Font Manager Recommendations


I am researching a good font management program. This will be used in my workplace…we do print, web, and multimedia design and need something that allows for good organization as well as easy previewing of fonts.
Anyone have any input or suggestions?



Extensis Suitcase… hands down is the best. A lot of ppl may say Adobe Type Manager (ATM) because it comes w/ the Adobe Suite so they are used to it… but Suitcase is much better than it. Everyone I’ve recommended the switch from ATM to ES loves it. Not to mention I think Adobe has discontinued support and development for ATM.

cool, thanks!

im a ATM user and i think your right simplistik it was the convenience factor, also its not a bad program. Your also right in the fact that they discontinued support and upgrades to the application. I was actually thinking about getting a alternative type manager, might give your recommendation (es) a go.

I would go with Suitcase like Sim said. Although ATM has support for multiple masters font creation and management. Which has save my buns a few times. Also try true type font viewer. Its free. Kinda cheesy but good for previewing and insalling fonts on the fly. (Suitcase and ATM take forever to set up. Because you have to go through and organize your fonts, I still have not finished doing that.)