Font within flash, crisp and clear, not fuzzy, HOW?

I having font issues and was just wondering what the best way to make font which will be buttons as clear and unblurred as possible. thanks -ua

do you have an example ? maybe a screen shot?

here you go:


did you check the tutourial and making fonts crisp in kirupa.

Do I know what you are talking about. What a drag.

I am assuming that the text looks good on the stage, and that you have turned anti-aliasing off and that everything looks great until you publish it.

I was experiencing the same problem.

You have to make sure that the position of your button does not have any decimal points in the x y position. In other words, if x position reads something like 50.3 you have to make it 50.0 and the same would be for the y coordinates.

Let me know if this helps.