How do i add entire fonts to my .swf so that the same fonts are used everywhere? Word on the street is, this is possible, or is it just wild rumour unleashed to build up my dreams and then shatter me back down to earth? Your reply does not need to be quite as dramatic.

I added a font, just by adding the font to my computer. then it appeared under the font option in flash…

I don’t think that what he wanted. i think he was asking if there is a way to globally change the fonts inside an entire SWF without having to go through and edit scene by scene. I do not think such an option exists although i would be hapy to be proved wrong.


lol I’m stupid. I read that wrong, my bad.

what you can do is make several textboxes with the different fonts then have the user select the specific textbox in order to use that font.

I think what he’s asking is, how does he use a font in flash, that he has on his comp, and ensure that the VIEWER sees that font, even if he doesn’t have it on his comp.

If that’s your question, then there are two answers.

A), include font outlines. There are option in your “character panel” for including font edges of lower case, upper case, numbers and symbols, or the whole font.
Mind you this will add to your file size… but on a big project I’ve hardly found the extra couple of k to be bothersome…

B) select your text and break it apart with Ctrl+B. This will also add size to your file. If it’s a signature, I suggest this method… if you’re doing a whole site… or a number of conected swf’s then I suggest the one above.

Hey, are you sure ENglish is your mother tongue ??
If I’m correct, what he wants to achieve is change all the fonts of all the textboxes with a command. For instance, change from Arial 12pt to Times New Roman 10pt. This can be done with CSS scripts in HTML. I don’t think that there is a flash version of that. But I might be wrong…
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Ha! I didnt realise i was so confusing, but Upuat’s hit the monkey on the head. Cheers all. What im producing is not for the web, so filesize isnt an issue… its soo much nicer working without that restriction! Thanks again.

Thanks for enlighting us ! :smiley:
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Ang on, i cant seem to find a font outline option… im in the character panel with my text all selected…

sorry I was misleading.

Select the text, choose the “text options” panel
In the pull down, select dynamic text.
NOTE: Make sure that your variable feild is empty… or it will try to make that varible your text.
At the bottem of the panel, a couple of buttons will apear for embeding the fonts.