FontsForFlash effects

:block: Does anybody have an idea how the text effect has been created on the FontsForFlash page. It appears to sort of fade in in a chequer board effect. Also how have they done the animation for the out lines of the boxes before the text comes in.

Any help would be much appreciated as a client has seen this site and wants something similar on his site



The url is:

Someone asked this before, I have to search for the thread. Hang on. By the way, it’s a mask with a bunch of small holes and big holes that slides over top.

do you mean the title block running across the top? the logo with the gradient grid?

No I mean the main body of the page, the way the text blocks appear to come in in a chequer board sort of style. Hard to explain really, have a look and you’ll see what i mean.


Okay, I finally found the thread where it’s talked about. The example I use in my post is really, really crappy, but it gets the idea across. I believe it’s done with a mask like that one, but with a lot more holes:

I hope that helps you!