Footer Crackdown!

Alright people!

It seems the mods have now agreed that it is time to start cracking down on footers. We were lenient before and allowed people to exceed file size and dimensions of footers.

We are now going to start being more strict on that kind of thing. Larger file sizes cause the site to load extremely slow on dial-ups and sometimes even broadband depending how many of those people post in one thread.

Also the oversized dimesions take up way too much space on smaller monitors. YES PEOPLE STILL USE 800x600!!! (Over 50% of web viewers actually, just in case someone wanted to bring that up).

We aren’t trying to be mean or unfair or anything like that. We are actually trying to be more fair to people accessing this forum.

The requirements for footers are as follow…

<B>Dimensions:</B> 300x60 or less
<B>File Size:</B> 15Kb or less (including all/any external files being loaded in)
<B>Text in Footers:</B> 2 lines of text are allowed below or above footers. If your footer is all text, 6 lines are allowed.

To show you that this rule applies to everyone you will notice my footer has changed (as well as avatar for matching purposes). This is because my footer didn’t meet the file size requirement. Mods are not an exception to this rule.

Oh yeah, and be sure not to be processor intensive in your footer as well…

[SIZE=1]Originally Posted by David[/SIZE]
There is another matter that I have been raising for a while, but which is a difficult thing to judge. I’d like people to take it into consideration when making footers.

If you have a Flash footer, you obviously can have a number of movie clips working off of mathmatics to produce movement (like mine below), or even a large number of tweens (or tweens with alpha levels of less than 100%). If You have 20 or so footers with 20 or so movie clips all moving at one time, it tends to bog down slower processors.
I don’t really want to state that there is a requirement for how many mc’s you can move around, but instead it will be on a case by case basis. If we get too many complaints about a footer’s processsor slow down, then you will be asked to change the footer.

Things to keep in mind. The top bogs on processor power.

  1. objects with an alpha of less than 100% moving over other objects.
  2. raster images broken apart, and moving.
  3. complex vector images (something with say 200 points and 400 lines)
  4. constantly updating text fields.

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