“T’was all in good fun”…

No, never did see that…

But I remember an episode from the simpsons where Homer falls into a “container” fillede with toxic gas, and his ass stops it from exploding :stuck_out_tongue:

Very amusing :slight_smile:

“one in a million shot, Doc”

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

good ol’ “Fucilli Jerry”

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


lets just never use the words Anal and Probe in the same sentance! lol. i cant wait for the footer contest either, although you will win! Eilsoe, how do i export an animated icon for aim? :q:


That footer competition will be weird guess… I don’t know the first thing about design, so I’ll do a Flash footer. Other people feel more comfortable with PS, so they’ll do a PS footer. How are we supposed to compare a PS footer and a Flash footer?? :-\

i would like to help k organize it. i think eilose,shane, and you pom should help. we could have PS Footers, Flash Footers catigories or something.

BTW Eilose, how did you do the backround for Pom’s footer?! I love it!!!


/me thinks Eilsoe and Kirupa are planning some shiznit. Subtle hints from Eilsoe leads me to believe he gets Mod status when he gets 1200.

Noo! Not Eilsoe as a mod! The forums will be ruined! :rambo:


Actually mdipi, it’s only a radial gradient, then added some weird foreign font as text, toned that down and added a cut’out of homers face and toned that down too…

no big fancy shiz, just plain layer editing :slight_smile:

But it looks good yes :stuck_out_tongue:

Cogs: Muahahaaa…!! :evil:

Uh oh…



I promise I’ll behave =)

man, now i gotta go and try that my self! lol thanks eilose.


Hey, on a different subject:

Eilsoe, could you perhaps one day teach me how to draw pixel drawings like the worm you did. It looks really good and I would love to know how to do it. Maybe we could go on mIRC sometime for an hour and you could teach me through that? Or, better still, make one of those movies that Edwin made and then add your comments to the sound part. (I don’t know how much work that’d be though.)


There’s not really that much to teach… :slight_smile:

This is how i did it (photoshop):

Top layer: ONLY black lines… drawn with a size 2 brush, using the mouse.

Color layer: Used a size 3-4 brush, paint the colors you want within the lines (magic here is, that the lines are up one layer, so you can paint a little in under the lines, gives perfect results).
The use the burn/dodge tools to make shadows/highlights on the color layer.

Background layer: Just a fill color here…

Note: Maybe add a shadow on a layer between the BG and the color layer… that’s what I did :slight_smile:

Being a mod isn’t about posts, its about talking to the right people :beam:

Hey eilsoe (hey I spelled it right) could tou tell me what font you use in POM’s footers. The text that says “just try me”. I love that font and I must have it. “I will gladly pay you next tuesday for that font today.”[SIZE=1]( a little quote from that guy on the popeye cartoons) [/SIZE]

I like the idea for a footer contest. Also mdipi is right there should be a PS and FLash catagory. But then mabye a combined overall catagory.:goatee:

Here u go sintax :slight_smile:


Big Thanks man. Where did you find such a sweet font anyway? I’ll avoid using it in my footers to keep things original. Big thanks man:beam:

everybody look at my new flash footer :slight_smile: flashy ain’t it? if you guys want a tutorial, lemme know.

Thoriphes, in college did you ever go to any parties and take a pill, what do you call it, oh yea…ecstacy? :stuck_out_tongue: