For all you calorie commandos out there

Juan-Carlos Cruz, a good buddy of mine, is hosting a cooking how-to show on the Food Network (

It airs Sunday, May 9 @12:30PM EST, plus is rerun a couple other times during the week.

The premise is taking comfort food, and reducing the calories without depriving yourself of anything.

If you are even slightly interested in cooking, I suggest you take a look at Calorie Commando.

Plus, Juan-Carlos is a kick in the butt, fun guy to be around.

[size=1]Yes, we are working on his site, from a template he bought years ago (, and even that is not even close to being complete (because I can’t get Juan-Carlos to send me content :wink: )[/size]

I know, a shameless plug for a friend of mine, who is trying to become a famous celebrity chef, and me hoping he does, so I can somehow get some of the $$'s falling off the cart.