For French-speaking people only

Voilà, pour tous nos amis Français, Belges, Suisses, Canadiens, Ivoiriens, et tous ceux que j’oublie, voici un site qui m’a fait littéralement pisser de rire. Et patience, le chargement est un peu long, mais ça en vaut la chadelle, croyez-moi…

Batman bilingue

pom :stuck_out_tongue:

Je ne parle pas français, mais je peux le traduire.

hehe =)

The secret message is he thinks the page loads too slow =) thats the biggest insult i got from it lol =)

“Now go away or i shall taunt you a sencond timea!” hehe jk =)

Hey, everybody here tells me French is the most beautiful language in the world…

And yeah, I know the page loads painfully slow, so load it, go buy cigarettes in Argentina, and have a good laugh when you get back [SIZE=1]if you speak French…[/SIZE] :stuck_out_tongue:

Rejoice, Phil’s back, nasty as ever! Where’ve you been, maahn?!

Ilyas, MORT DE RIRE!!! trop drôle ça!

C’mon, learn some Phrench Pholks! I learned too…

Good to see you haven’t lost your sense of humour!
Where’ve you been, seriously?

Not wagging war on anyone, enuff of that already, gonna send a plug-in crashing into corpusT though if you don’t admit France rulez!! lol

Ja nogen synes vel at fransk er “det smukke sprog”… MEN… Dansk er du også meget fint :stuck_out_tongue: hehe…

Indse det folkens, DANSK STYRER!!! I kan ALDRIG vinde… :bad:

Lige meget hvor store jeres fisk er!

~nar nar :stuck_out_tongue:

…girls talking french is way too sexy for my ears, but guys talking french sounds a lil bit gay to me :stuck_out_tongue:

maybe cause I´m portuguese speaker[SIZE=0], and/or dumb[/SIZE]:-\

No offence Ilyas, just j/k you man:) :stuck_out_tongue: