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I have a question, maybe you can help me out. How did you insert that flash animated logo at the top of your forums?
I’m a member of ezboard as well, and I have created a flash animation for the banner and when I go inside myezboard to specify the url ( i had previously published it to the internet via nothing happens. Could you please help me out? Thanks in advance,


You can add the animation by going to your Advanced HTML setting in your ezboard adiminstrator area. Simply enter the code for your animation like you would for a footer. For example, here is the entire code listing for the header section that I used:

The best method of adding animations, etc. to the header is to use a HTML editor such as FrontPage or Dreamweaver. Create the table layout, etc. for the header and then copy the HTML and paste in the Advanced HTML view.

Hey thanks, I appreciate the help…but one more question,
Where’s a good place that I could host the .swf file?
I’ve tried using Yahoo’s briefcase method, and Angelfire doesn’t support the .swf file format.

Thanks again,


I’ve seen many people create a freeservers account and host their images there. Their servers are fairly reliable, and that seems to be a good place to check out. Try GeoCities as well; I believe they host animations.

Thanks again…take care.