For MX maven

I was wondering : what does this thing.onEnterFrame and others bring compared to the good old onClipEvent (enterFrame) ??\r\rpom 0]

i think onEnterFrame is a Frame Action that has the same effect as the ClipEvent (enterFrame)

Of course, you can do the same thing with onEnterFrame as you could do with the old one, but there has to be something else.\r\rpom 0]

I dont’ know. i just got MX yesterday I’m still playing.

one benefit is that you can add and remove onEnterFrame events on the fly very easily.\r\rsay you’d attached a movie called “square” to _root:

 \r\r_root.square.onEnterFrame = function(){\r\r  if(this._x++ > 300) this.onEnterFrame = null;\r\r}


Thanks Supra. Anything else ?\r\rpom 0]