For Playstation2 owners

Would anyone here be interested in exchanging ps2 games?

I know shipping costs would be a hazzle, but see it this way:

2 people exchange games, each py for the shipping if THEIR games, so both people pay the same, and then when they get their new game, shipping is paid for.

anyone interested?

I’m looking for ICO in particular…

EBgames, my friend, although i don’t know if they have stores where you are (denmark is it?).

Nope, we don’t have that…

(yes, Denmark)…

Still, it could be fun if board members exchange games though! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh wait! I actually found an EBgames online in DK!

crap… they don’t exchange online… gotta visit one of their stores… and they don’t even trade ps2 games… just PSX and GBA… crap…

oh MAN!!!

EBgames US is REALLY ripping me off!!!


I mean, I found ICO for only 18$, which was ok, then that monster shipping fee!!! HOW???

Well how much would it cost for me to ship something like that to you? From NY state to Denmark…?

it can’t cost 29$… it just can’t…

why don’t you try another online reseller like amazon or something. i know amazon sells some used ps2 games.