"For the first time in a long time ... I feel clean again"

So I just downloaded my first legal song off of iTunes - B.B. King playing Is You Is or Is You Ain’t My Baby.

It’s a great song, and I’m loving these free songs just for drinking Pepsi! So glad Penn State is a Pepsi-cola campus and not Coke :slight_smile:

ARRRRR!! 'Tis no longer a pirate’s life fer me! :pir:

I hope it is Pepsi Max your drinking !

Only 2 calories :smiley:
Compared to the bazillion in normal Pepsi

How many free songs do they offer in the campaign? With the amount of Pepsi consumed everyday, i thought it would be over in days… :sigh:

100 million songs

And it was a normal Pesp :-/ But I’m a skinny dude, I like a lot of calories

ha ha ha LMAO :smiley:

I burn through calories like…