For those in San Fran area

This just in from the SFMUF:
(a very good place to see amazing Flash related speakers for next to nothing… plus they give away prizes and pizza)


San Francisco Macromedia Users Forum

This email includes:
Note that this is not the usual Tuesday meeting date

Submit your link for consideration in
Lynda Weinman’s Flash critique at this meeting
on the 25th to: mailto:[email protected]
(Please also include two sentences about you and
two-four sentences about your Flash work.)

Flash Critiques and “Flash Trends” by Lynda Weinman!

Lynda Weinman, the celebrated pioneering multimedia
educator, will be going out of her way with a rare
appearance especially for us! She will be presenting
on “Flash Trends” and giving Flash Web site critiques.

Lynda co-produces the exciting Flashforward conference!
She is a world renowned author in the multimedia field.
She also produces many outstanding multimedia training
CD-roms. Lynda has worked professionally in design
and animation for about the past 20 years, and has been
teaching digital design for about 10 years. We are lucky
and thrilled to have Lynda back again --the day
before Flashforward!

WHEN: Tuesday, March 25th
Note that this is not the usual Tuesday meeting date

Macromedia Headquarters, 1st Floor Conference
Room 600 Townsend Street (corner of 7th Street),
San Francisco 94103 Door to door directions:
Register to be a member:

ADMISSION INFO: $5 (covers pizza, sodas
& misc. association expenses)

  • Exact change is appreciated!

6:00 - 7:00 Q&A with John Dowdell of Macromedia
7:00 - 7:50 Lynda Weinman “Flash Trends” Presentation
7:50 - 8:00 Announcements
8:00 - 8:30 Pizza and good conversation
8:30 - 9:20 Lynda Weinman Flash Critique
9:20 - 9:30 Prize Raffle

(please support our sponsors):
~Macromedia’s new Contribute software -
Empower content owners to update website content
quickly and easily themselves, while you maintain
control over layout, style and code.
~ScreenTime Media’s SWF Desktop -
a new (and the very first) application enabling
Flash designers to easily create Windows wallpaper
enlivened with FlashMX. Besides converting Flash
into wallpaper, with SWF Desktop you can create
wallpaper containing hyperlinks, XML feeds,
rich applications, and web services.
~Multimedia Resource Group -
(Macromedia Certified Training Facility) -
(All three of Lynda’s Flash MX Training CD-roms!)
~No Starch Press - (books)
~PeachPit Press - (books)
~New Riders - (books)

Lynda Weinman - Flash & Multimedia Pioneering Educator
Lynda has taught at Art Center College of Design,
San Francisco Multimedia Studies, American Film
Institute, UCLA, and at numerous conferences and
workshops throughout the world. Lynda is also the
author of a popular series of books sold nationally
and internationally on web design, and writes for
numerous magazines, including: MacWorld, How, Adobe,
Step-by-Step Graphics, Web Techniques, Dynamic
Graphics, Animation, Full Motion, New Media and Diem.
Above all, Lynda loves to teach! She has also
conducted private classes for many corporations,
including MSNBC, Capital Group, CBS, NBC,
Genentech, and Apple Computers.

John Dowdell - Resident Guru at Macromedia
John will be available to answer questions and
discuss technical issues related to the
implementation of Macromedia technologies within
the field of multimedia. This is a great
opportunity to discuss technical issues with some
of the top developers in the Bay Area, of which
John is highly respected as one of the best. The
members of the group consider it a privilege to have
John as a regular supporter of our group. Come
with questions or just to listen and learn.

hey… when is the Flash Forward Fair? Isnt that supposed to be in San Fran?

sometime in May, I think… $500/person…

look for Flashforward on the web…

I’m not going unless someone fills up the “Send Rev to Camp Fund”


haha - if everyone sends you a dollar than you could go :slight_smile:

that’s a thought…



set up a paypal and beg, i think i am going to do that…lol…but when it comes back to new york… did just that last year…

how pathetic…


Rev, I think Flash Forward is the end of this month if I remember correctly, I could be wrong…

you could very well be right…

I know that I am not going…

3d-iva is supposed to go, I think…

Are you coming up?


I was suppose to attend, but since I quit my old job, I’m no longer going with them. :-\

well, maybe you should come up anyway…

we could drain a couple of vodka bottles, see a couple of people play guitar…


Hmm…that sounds like a good idea, spring break is coming up and I could use a vacation so don’t be surprised if I show up at your doorstep with booze. =)

Say it with me… Ketel One…



i will come too! yeah! runs off to find plane ticks…