Force window to top

I would like to know if it’s possible to force a window to the front? I have images load up inside a child window (it resizes to match the images), but when I click on a new image the window stays behind the parent. alwaysRaised doesn’t work on Explorer, infact it doesn’t seem to work that well anywhere.

Does anyone know of a command or script that can force a window to the front?

Oooo, I know this…I know this… why isn’t it coming to me!!!

window.focus() I believe… I will see if I can set up some kind of example…


<B>EDIT:</B> Can you supply a .zip file with an file so I can work around the script you are using. It would make things much easier.

I think you are right on target…

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I know it is window.focus()

But my problem is how to implement it into the script. That is what is on the tip of my tongue, but seeing that script he uses will probably help me refresh my memory.

No need to bow rev… and you are fully worthy!

email on it’s way. Thanks

Hello Boys!
Is the solution available for me too, I have the same problem!!!

Thank for helping out!!!

hmmm, depending on your script…

Try something like…

function openWin() {
var newWin =;

yeah, that is very short and bland, but you should already have the javascript code so I didn’t focus on that, I just focused on the focus() (haha, pun intended).

Thanks, now I know what to do!!!

/ Thanks

no problem :slight_smile:


You can force it to the foreground always (sux!) by combining body on load self.focus and
on kill focus self.focus… not the exact syntax used…

Well, I don’t believe the onLoad=“self.focus();” KEEPS it at the front. I believe it puts it in the front when the page loads.

Now Modal Dialog Windows stay in the front all the time. But they are incredibly annoying and I am not going to tell anyone how to do them :slight_smile: :evil: