Forever ruining his chances of being cool

And so the story goes that a kid decided to videotape himself playing Darth Maul and the thing is, hehe, the thing is this - he forgot to take the tape out of the school camcorder! Hilarity ensues.

That is too funny!!! The remix was very cool :smiley:

oh, how awesome! that remix one was too cool! :stuck_out_tongue:

oh my god that poor kid - that is classic :stuck_out_tongue:

I was laughing out loud… but I feel so bad for him. I hope he isnt a “geek” in school already because if he was, this is going to make thing 10X worse.

that is so awesome!
sometimes, the net can be cruel and hilarious at the same time.


Sure… but maybe the kid is proud. This little stint did make him a little famous on the internet.

that’s very true - and I hope that’s what happens… but for some reason - I doubt it. Who knows, he could end up on Jay Leno or David Letterman or something… That would be funny - especailly if they showed the video on national tv… hahaha… i still can’t get that image of him cutting the wall up and slipping… hahahaha He looks so serious!

that’s what makes it so funny to me, is how serious he’s taking it!
very, very funny…

haha ouch! that is funny though!

pretty funny link there, but I have a question…
How would one go about finding a movie like that?
Did you go to google and type in “Fat Kids and Movies”?
Just curious how you found it.

I’m an avid blogger, and I read a ton of blogs. For those of you unfamiliar - blogs, or weblogs, are pseudo-journals/diaries as well as a place people post strange things they find on the internet. Things like this spread around like wildfire in the blogging community.

indeed, wildfire - I already posted this on 3 other boards myself. hehe :beam:

Unflux - “the fat kid spammer”



hehe, wow, this guy has the shape to do this stuff :slight_smile: hehe, I like the sound effects at the ending… :wink:

hahaha, I saw that a little while ago. that guy is so awesome. That’s entertainment.


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… to name a few…

Oh, and here’s my group blog: I Can’t Believe We’re Not Addicted. We haven’t posted much in the recent months though.

haha, that movie’s (not the remix) even funnier when you show someone but not telling him who he’s trying to imitate.