Form Formatting Issues

Greetings ALL!

I come to you with a most perplexing problem. I am having an issue with a simple search form that works fine in IE (of course it does) but is a little wacky in Firefox. It doesn’t completely distort the page or anything, it just moves around a lil’ bit. I’ve tried doing every sort of adjustment but it doesn’t want to budge.

I have, after doing a little research, come to conclude that it is my css that is making this feature behave funky.

BUT, not being a CSS uber-jedi-guru, I am unable to figure out how to correct it. For further verification, I downloaded the Firefox Web Developer Toolbar extension. Upon disabling the “Browser Default Styles” it seems to correct itself. However, this fix affects only my computer, so I need to know if there is a way to have this happen on the client’s side.

I’ll post some pics of the phenomenon as well as the .css file. Don’t hate me as I’ve already validated it and w3c HATES it, so I know it’s terrible, but I am still learning. Feel free to make suggestions as to correcting it’s many errors though.

IE version…

Firefox version…