Form in flash

Hi I wanna use a form that I´ve been using for a while. I´ve used it alot in plain html-files but now I wonder if it´s possible to insert it in a swf so I don´t have to use pop-ups from my flash site to get to it.
The reason I use it is because my webhotel doesn´t allow PHP or any scripting and this form don´t demand that.
I´ll attach a txt-file with the code and pray that someone will solve this for me.


Well you can’t just insert your form code into flash and make it work like that. You’ll have to recreate all the text fields using dynamic text fields and assigning the correct variable names to them and use loadVars or loadVariables to submit the variables to a PHP or CGI script so that it can send the info to your email.

If you want to know more about this then do a search in this section on “php mail forms.” Hope you’ll find something that helps. =)