Form info sent to email (?)

User completes a form (name, address, etc.) clicks ‘Send’ button and the information is sent to my email.

How can I do this???

I acheive this via ASP…

i can send u an ASP/CDonts email thingy page if u like…???

what’s your email address???


You can prolly make tha submit button just link off to a cgi script that’ll mail u wut’s in tha text boxes…

Oh wait…they’re flash text boxes…not html boxes…nevermind :slight_smile:

Ginger where you been fool!!! I haven’t seen u on AIM for months!!! Hook a brutha up with that mail .asp pages! You know my AIM:MeTHoDaN48.
Or email me: <a href=mailto:[email protected]>[email protected]</a>

Me too, me three, me four :wink:
yep, please send to [email protected] also, if you don’t mind, or just upload it s’where and post the link?..

Ok, my address is [email][email protected][/email], thanx!

Hook me with that cool stuffs too !

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hi guys…

go 2:…

in the flash movie…just direct the variable:

on (release) {
DynText = “Your request has been sent, we will be in contact within 24 hours…”;
loadVariablesNum ("<a href=“",">”,</a> 0, “POST”);

to where ever you put “zeromail.asp”…( i would advise that you put it in your “cgi-bin”…'cause it has all the right permisions…)

any probs post me or email me:

[email protected]