Form problem


this is the situation…
I can select an image from in flash. When I click on upload in flash, I call a javascript function test();. This also works because I’ve tested it with an alert().

In the function test() I’ve placed a click event on the submit button, so he would submit my image to a php file, but its always permission denied… arghhh

//opens the browse dialog–>works

function test()

I tried 2 ways

  • document.forms.form1.elements[1].click();
    //posts the image to php --> doesn’t work --> permission denied!!!

  • document.form1.submit();
    //output: object has no such methods or properties


   form name="form1" ACTION="portfolio/upload.php" 
   METHOD="POST" ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data"> 
   input type="file" name="file" onChange="doFlashCommand(this.value)"> 
   input type="submit" name="submit" value="testen"> 

//deleted those < otherwise it showed up as a real form

I don’t work with frames, everything is on one page…
I don’t know it anymore, getting frustrated…
Tested the the click event in another example and there it works… :s
(same code)