i want to do a form…similar to this - Kirupa’s form , but i think he set it up for mx, and i’m workin with 5. will it still work?

Well if you were a pro at Flash 5 making Smart Clips (hard) then yes but if you have no clue what those are then no. In other words you have to make the checkboxes, scrollbars, listboxes, radio boxes on your own.

That’s not entirely true. 5.0 has the smartclips. They just aren’t quite as smart. :nerd:

Ummm…my package of Flash 5 never came with a Smart Clip package with scrollbars, list boxes, check boxes, radio buttons, and so on, how dome yours did?

Don’t know. Though I do know that some of them I got from Macromedia…

I would open up the package and check. They’re pretty easy to miss in there.

I have radio buttons, a pull down menu, and list boxes in my 5.0 package

Well I shouldn’t say this online but I guess my package (the free one) didn’t come with anything inside the box…hmmmm I wonder why! Thats one of the reasons I bought MX instead of you know, the immature path to owning programs, a path I took long ago but am hoping to not venture to far into that land again :stuck_out_tongue:

lol… could be that. That’s one of the reasons I don’t have MX yet… I don’t want to start enjoying a @#%^ version of the program without being able to buy it.

Ooh I bought MX, well actually my dad’s company that I work for bought me all my programs (ya know MX Studio, the one with dreamweaver and all them). I like being able to open up the big ol’ box and look through all the manuals and crap, it just give me a better reason to flash knowing I, errrr my buisiness paid a lot of money on it!

:)… good deal.

let me show you what i would like to do. here’s the page and the form i have on it now…
My Form

it’s pretty boring…anyone know of a tutorial that could help me out?

shouldn’t be that hard to actually do it by hand, making your own boxes and things, that way you have more control over what it looks like.

as for it actually storing information to your guestbook, beats me